Why Design Build?

At Creative Eye Design + Build, we understand that successful projects begin with a solid relationship between the client and the Design/Build team. Through the process of Design/Build, we offer efficiency, service and an extraordinary product, at a great value. We have the proven field experience to properly plan and execute each design detail, from understanding our clients’ individual visions to implementing each finish detail.

We believe that great designs begin with unique clients and properties, their specific visions, and Design/Build professionals who know how to listen. Our top priority is the seamless transfer of information from the Designer to the Builder – a team that has an established, efficient and well-practiced working relationship. Design/Build eliminates discrepancies or misinformation between the Designer and Builder that might otherwise cause cost overruns, delays, uncomfortable gaps in the design consistency or improper executive of construction details.

Some of our clients are very creative and enjoy being involved in the design process. Others would rather do as little as possible. Wherever you fall on the scale is up to you.

Our passion and commitment shines through – and each new project fosters intimate relationships and friendships developed through the art of design and construction. For us, this is the true reward of our talents


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