DIY/HGTV House Crashers and Bath Crashers

The DIY/HGTV Network turns to Susan Vannatter Prang as the guest designer on several episodes of House Crashers and Bath Crashers. Some of the episodes currently airing are:


Mid Century Modern – due to air early 2013

Age Old Modern Kitchen

Fiery Red and Black Bathroom – voted Top 10 bathroom designs of 2012!

Modern Kitchen Blow-Up

Sophisticated Asian Living Room

Winemaker’s Dream Kitchen

Future episodes are in the design phase or in the process of being filmed. A Mid-Century Modern Makeover coming soon!


House Crashers and Bath Crashers is ambush renovation at its best. Host Josh Temple stalks a big-box home improvement store looking for unsuspecting weekend warriors, then follows them home with a large crew of experts in tow. Watch as stunned homeowners who journeyed into the store to fix a simple leaky faucet end up winning the remodeling lottery with dramatic, eye-popping room transformations.

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